Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. The world says that hard work has the ability to make people sleep but the fact is if you really love your work, it has the ability to keep you awake even in the soundest sleep that you get.

When most of the employees or even business owners describe their job, it sounds like a prison sentence with steel bars and chains. Their job makes them a prisoner and they hate it. Others love their 9–5 job. They go to work and enjoy that they have zero ownership in the company and can walk away at any time without any liability.

Falling into the trap of a 9–5 job you hate is easy. Getting out is the challenging part. Replace the mythical word of purpose with interest. What are you interested in? Some people are not sure. Most are scared when they are out to prove themselves all alone.

It is important to know your interest, personality comes at the end. You don’t need to be an extrovert. Many of the most visible, successful CEOs have labelled themselves as introverts, and this group has included the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Steve Wozniak and Warren Buffett. It is surprising but it is a fact.

The number one question most young entrepreneurs ask themselves: “How do I find people who will pay me money so I can leave my 9–5?”

You have to create content. The money you make has to be invested back into yourself in the form of learning and further skills acquisition. If you’re not learning, then you stop growing and the opportunity you’ve been given dies. Without investing in yourself, you get ahead of yourself. Learning reminds you that you have so far to go and that you’ve come so far already. Growth is learning. Maintaining what you’ve built is disrupting yourself, consistently.

Take some money off the table and hide it for a rainy day. Many people get wiped out in recessions because they didn’t put money aside for a rainy day, month, year, or couple of years (due to an invisible disease). Choose your poison: stocks, bonds, gold, digital currency, or real estate. If you save your money rather than invest it, money printing by governments, inflation and the temptation to buy stuff you don’t need will make you go backward financially — and eventually, right back to your 9–5.

If your blog makes money, you have to put money into it. If your website makes you money through the sale of goods, you’ve got to invest in it. Many people make money online and then don’t reinvest some of the profits back. Investing the profits helps you minimize tax and grow your audience.