About Us

Vani Satish the founder and CEO Of Aviana Coaching Academy.

Born and raised for impact values of hard work and never quit mindset, Vani is on a journey of changing lives. Having worked in various sectors of education & training organizations, she now focuses on women empowerment & growth by helping women entrepreneurs to live a life they have always dreamt of.  She was bred for this journey of life and transformational coaching.

Practically living in the business arena and learning some tough lessons of business from her father Mr. Mukund a business capitalist a successful entrepreneur and a publisher, she had the positivity discipline and determination instilled into the mindset of business at an incredibly early age.

A Graduate in Business administration & management, a mother, wife, entrepreneur and a business woman. Her ambition is to improve as many lives as she can to leave a mark of positivity in this world, along with influencing her community in spreading the message of wellness and success. If she is  able to help a fraction of people with certain issues within their lives and businesses, find a solution, then she will have accomplished what she is set out to do.

This is coaching with an end goal, a mission to provide her tribe with lifelong value, and help turning dreams into reality.


Certified Life Coach( ICF Approved CCE)

Certified Associate Leadership & Executive coach ( ICF Approved CCE)

Certified Organizational Development coach ( ICF Approved CCE)

NLP Diploma by NLP Coaching Academy Accredited by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Certified NLP practitioner by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (IAPCCT)

Certified Image & Personal Branding consultant (Accredited by Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA)

NABET Accredited Train The Trainer

Business Coaching from Internationally Certified Business Coach Sanjay Wadhwa

FOUNDER/CEO Aviana Coaching Academy (Under Aviana Services®)