Empowering women entrepreneurs to express their style – Transformational Training

Course Duration: 8 Days

Online Course Duration: 15 Days | 2 Hours per day

As a busy woman putting your family, friends and work first so much of the time, your style has stagnated and lost and now you’re not sure what to wear anymore. We know that you’re your look impacts deeply on how confident you feel which has a roll-on effect to all aspects of your life. We want to help you succeed in this fantastic field so you can create the image business of your dreams,

It is time to embrace the fact that you are the hero of your own journey. You no longer have to see your challenges as obstacles that are holding you back, but instead see them as stepping stone to a greater purpose in life.

6 Modules of complete makeover & Personal branding for women entrepreneurs


We help you to evaluate and build a style which is suitable for your professional, social and personal life by identifying the factors which influence your lifestyle.


We coach you to understand your personal style which help you make wise consumer decisions about clothing selection and styling. You will start moving towards having a great wardrobe and a fresh upto-date look.


Each one of us is unique and so is our face, body and the colours we prefer. Knowing this is as important as knowing your clothing size and shoe size. This evaluation will help assess your body shape, face shape and colours to determine and choose hairstyles, accessories that looks good on you.


Learn the principles of closet organization & assemble a well sorted wardrobe with clothes that bring psychological satisfaction and also fit your budget. We will be going through all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories and assessing everything based upon your image goals as well as the colour, style and fit of each item to provide you a winning combination.


Body language and etiquettes can make or break a deal. Learn the art of fine dining, business etiquette, the right body language, posture and facial expressions. 


Your best bet is to know about some of the shopping pits you can fall into and how to avoid them. We help you shop for outfits that reflect your personality, saves your budget and style you to project the right image with confidence.

The issue of personal branding remains more topical for female entrepreneurs, as women still have to self-define themselves in the world of gender stereotypes and leadership gap. Traditional gender expectations, confidence gap, and other challenges women overcome today all influence two elements of their brand-building:

  • Outer: dress code, a manner of speaking, self-presentation.
  • Inner: self-perception, a vision of the future, self-identification.

The idea of “personal branding” is unusual to most people. But in this online era, where things, both good and bad, last forever on the internet, personal branding can be considered more important than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal brand?
Your personal brand refers to how you promote yourself. It is the expertise, experience and personality that you want everyone else to see about you. It can be a combination of how the media depicts you, the idea people get from the information they find about you online and how they perceive you in real life. You can use your personal branding to set yourself apart from others.
Why is a personal brand important?
A personal brand is key to your professional success as it revolves around how you present yourself to existing and potential clients. It gives you the chance to emphasize your strengths and passions to help set you apart from everyone else and make sure that people see you in the way you want them to see you. It also helps people to feel as if they know you better which helps to increase your trustworthiness (even if they have not even met you in person).
How do you start to build your personal brand?
Introspection and self-reflection are important when creating a personal brand. If you want to create a personal brand to boost the performance of your business, you first need to ensure that you understand your target audience
What are some tips for creating a personal brand?
Underlying consistency is the secret behind creating a successful personal brand. This means that you need to act in a way that fits in with your perceived image. You would like your personal brand to be authentic. In short, you want to ensure that your personal brand matches what people say about you in your absence. Another aspect to consider is that the whole aim of personal branding is not to focus on selling. Thus, you do not want to come across as another salesman.